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The Truth Behind Traditional Chinese Kung Fu | China Uncensored

I am reposting this video from China Uncensored’s YouTube Channel, “The Truth Behind Traditional Chinese Kung Fu”, not because I particularly subscribe to their philosophy and outlook but because the documentary is actually very good. I am often surprised at how many documentaries I see on the subject that suffer from what I like to refer to as “google journalism” by which I mean poorly researched documentaries that rely on the top four or five entries in a simple google search. Actually this doc has a strong well researched subject and handles the material in a considered and even handed manner. Its also a good story. All of that aside, I felt the filmmakers managed to get across the essential differences between the internal and external aspects of Chinese martial arts and introduced some of the key ideas without trying to hard or resorting to mysticism. A good watch I felt and one worthy of sharing here. Enjoy and comments below please.

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