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The Traditional Tai Chi School, Yangshuo

Watch Passengers (2016)

This video was the result of a mornings work early one Sunday in Yangshuo by the River Li. Even at that time in the morning there were plenty of swimmers around and by midday this landing would be chock-a-block with boats disembarking tourists from Guiln up river. The clip features Master Wu Heng Dong (Kim) and Senior Wu Yu Ping (Ping). We made it after I had produced another short video showing off their wonderful school in the Yulong scenic area close to Yangshuo. The school is so atmospheric, set as it is, in an old Ming dynasty farmhouse.

Realising I could make videos Kim asked if we could do another and I readily agreed after all I had spent the whole of the previous 8 weeks itching to shoot some video at the school where I was training but had been refused this because the master wasn’t there. Working with Kim and Ping was a dream and they were very patient and very accommodating. I think Kim had a different idea about what he wanted. Maybe a video of him doing form for a DVD. I am not sure. But they took my insistence on how we should film in their stride and we shot a few sequences.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Took about 6 hours of editing to finish the video and I personally think it is reasonable given it was shot so quickly with absolutely now planning. They seemed pretty pleased and you can watch them doing Chen style Tai Chi, Laojia Yilu to be precise, cut with sequences of them doing push hands together.

If you want to find out more about training with them have a look at their website and enjoy the photos of their amazing school.


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