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Gift – the soul of taiji expressed through cinema

I found this video in my FaceBook feed and immediately wanted to share it with other people. It really captures the soul of taiji and I found it mesmerising. It features Yuki, I believe of Berliner-taiji.de, there is a credit for the school and the filmmakers but nothing about Yuki. I had to search a but to get that much info as the FaceBook page that posted it just uploaded direct to their own channel which is a little naughty I feel. Why? Well its not content produced by them and the least they could do is provide a direct link back to the content producers website. So perhaps I shouldn’t care so much but as a content producer and a social media user I am aware of the etiquette so why shouldn’t others, it is just a matter of respect after all. Anyway, as a filmmaker I am often disappointed there are not more good quality films of Taiji around and this I feel is one of the most stunning I have seen for a while. I feel it captures something soulful and sensitive about the form. It is also very cinematic and I love that they manage to do that. By cinematic I mean that the filmmakers are able to communicate on a deeper emotional level, that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, that there is something transcendant about the film. I hope you enjoy.

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