The Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime

Six Dharma Gates to the SublimeThe document I have posted is an extract from a larger work, The Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime By Shramana Zhiyi (Chih-i) – (538-597 ce). The article concerns the sequential development of meditation skills in order to lead your practice towards a deeper contemplation.

I orginally came accross this document when one of my Tai Chi teachers showed me a copy in Chinese and asked me if I could translate it. I actually managed to find an English version and have posted a link to this below. Though the downloadable PDF from the site is not printable so the version below is a copy which you can print and read at your leisure.

I found the article very useful at the time since it liberated me from the use of a timer during meditation practice. I like the idea of counting breaths as it gives my ADHD mind something concrete to focus on. It also helps me to deepen my relaxation and as your breath slows the period of meditation also lengthens. This has the effect of prolonging meditaion without really noticing it since you are counting to the same number and removes one of many obstacles to practice, well for me anyway.

I have yet to progress beyond the counting phase of the sequences but none the less the article has helped me understand meditation practice and maybe it will help you too.

DOWNLOAD a printable version of The Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime.

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