Some very simple advice on the simplicity of meditation

Master Yongey Mingyur Ripoche shares his thoughts on the simplicity of meditation in such easy to follow terms that no one can be misled. He offers a very simple and an extremely easy technique to meditate anytime and everywhere. What he says is true, I have had that same conversation with people. I can’t meditate, I have tried and I can’t stop thinking they tell me. Well try not stopping your thoughts is the reply. Actually this is the most common misconception I have come across about meditation and it is the thing that puts people off the most. Yes of course meditation is work, it takes practice, it is even boring a lot of the time but it is always worth it. The trick, as the master in this video explains is to focus on your breath, listen and let go, don’t hold onto or follow your thoughts. If you get distracted by the chatter of the monkey mind just return to your breath. Return again, and again and again. The return to breath is the simplest but most effective part of meditation. Then if you fancy a challenge try the Monkey Mind meditation which requires you to count 100 breaths continuously without loosing count once. When you can do this 100 times in a row then its time to call yourself an expert (of sorts). I can’t claim to have achieved it but there is always hope.

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