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Master Mei demo’s her qigong form

Master Mei Juan Luo demonstrates a qigong form at her Long Tou Shan Martial Arts School in Yangshuo, China. She was my first Tai Chi teacher and the person who introduced my to qigong as part of that practice. Mei will tell you that for her Tai Chi is just an advanced form of qigong practice. Here she demonstrates a simple qigong routine that she teaches to her students at the school. This is a very nice form and easy to learn though I do recommend you have a lesson with Mei if you get the chance.

Mei currently travels between her base in Boulder, Colorado in the USA and the Long Tou Tai Chi School in Yangshuo, China. She speaks good English and is an excellent instructor with a real focus on the energy work involved in learning Tai Chi. Unfortunately our shared time in Yangshuo has not coincided for a year or more now so it has been a while since I trained with her. On the occasion of this video clip I managed to get a week at the school during the October Golden Week, winter festival. Boy it was madness in Yangshuo and I declined the opportunity to travel there this autumn.

Hopefully Mei will get to realise her plans to build a brand new school near Yangshuo and I will get to train there in the near future.

Master Mei Juan Luo founded the Long Tou Shan Martial Arts School in Yangshuo, China, and has more than fifteen years of experience teaching Tai Chi to students from around the world. In addition to maintaining the Long Tou Shan school, Mei teaches students in Boulder, Colorado, USA.


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