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Longetivity through health and nutrition – changing my diet the ANDI way!


Longetivity through health and nutrition – food is qigong too and an extremely important form of qigong.

It seems that my whole conception of health and nutrition, of what we should eat and how we should eat it is being turned on its head. Yes I know certain foods were unhealthy especially if eaten in excess. A balanced diet high is fruit and vegetables is desired of course. I knew that, I have even been a vegetarian at one point in my life. That however was in the dark old days around the early 1980’s when it was hard to get vegetarian food easily. My life style at the time meant that I ended up living off cheese sandwiches and chips. Not good so I stopped and switched back to eating meat. None the less I have always tried to keep a balance to my diet and have always included vegetarian dishes in my repertoire. Now though I am beginning to think this is not enough.

It seems though that what we have been told about food by the experts is entirely wrong. The traditional food pyramid is being turned on its head and I am seriously considering the vegetarian option again. This blog post “7 Charts That Could Convince You To Become A Vegetarian” points out that world hunger does not benefit from farming meat and we would increase food production by a factor of 20 by ending this kind of farming. It follows up with water scarcity statistics that show producing one kilogram of beef uses 77 times as much water as producing one kilogram of potatoes does. They then show how the carbon footprint of meat production is far in excess of other forms of food. That is not to ignore of course the incredible amount of environmental pollution from farming meat. This includes hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and so on which all gets into our water.

Finally they discuss health and nutrition and give some really valuable information about the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI). This index takes account of all the differing types of nutrition available in a food. The vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and other good stuff. What is interesting is that the food we are told by the food industry is really healthy is in fact of little value to us. The kind of foods we should be eating are the ones we are not generally getting.

Yes there are good economic reasons, environmental reasons and there are concerns about animal welfare. But what is really changing things for me is the fact that meat, dairy and eggs appear to be almost pointless. There is also mounting evidence that these kinds of foods are extremely harmful to our health. It seems that a meat free diet promotes longevity. And the longer you are meat free the longer you will live.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I can’t say this information is all true, correct or unbiased. Perhaps the corporations behind the farming of vegetables have started a media campaign to get us to change our diets. Perhaps we are still misinformed. Who knows. I have however, changed how I eat.

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