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Keeping the centre in Taichiquan

I just came across this rather interesting video by Chen Zhonghua, he is a master of a particular lineage of Chen style tai chi but its not important, what is interesting is his explanation of keeping centred. He gives a brief demonstration using cloud hands from the from which you can see is very different from other Chen styles never the less I think the principle is sound… if you think otherwise then comment and we can debate it. I have attended workshops at Chen Zhonghua’s Taiji Academy in Shandong at Daqingshan Mountain and can attest to the quality of his teaching. I can also personally recommend his teaching videos on the Practical Method website especially the Hunyuan Qigong form which I found extremely useful. A student of both Hong Junsheng (洪均生; 1907 – 1996) and Feng Zhiqiang (冯志强, 1928-2012) he is the international standard bearer for Hong Junsheng’s “Practical Method” Taijiquan. There is lots of very useful material on his Practical Method YouTube channel which I recommend you take some time to study. Enjoy his teaching and keep centre!

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