About Qigong in ChinaQigong is An ancient and traditional form of slow moving exercise which is easy to perform and anyone can take part. Think of it as a moving meditation that calms and relaxes by getting you to empty your mind of thoughts and focus on your breath. It keeps your joints supple, stretches the tendons and massages the internal organs. Most important of all it balances the flow of qi in your body by opening and stretching the internal meridians.

The website aims to document a journey into Qigong by the author and in particular focuses on an exploration of the variety, complexity and sheer enormity of the topic. The desire to produce this website was born out of a frustration with the lack of resources on the topic. Not the topic of Qigong of which there is an abundance, some of which the author will reference here. But on the places, teachers and locations for learning and studying Qigong in China.

In part this is down to the different ideas that people have about Qigong in China, where it is associated perhaps with mystical powers and public displays. Where as in the west we are more focused perhaps on the meditative and healing side of Qigong practice. In the past 20 years Qigong has become more than a little discredited in China for a whole range of reasons. More of which can be read about in David Palmer’s fascinating book “Qigong Fever”. This situation makes it hard for visitors to the country to discover more about this wonderful art.

The author, Roy Hanney, doesn’t claim to be an expert or to have any special knowledge. He is on a journey to find out more and has spent a few years studying what information he could find on the internet and from teachers, mostly in the UK. On numerous excursions to China in order to learn Chen Style Tai Chi he has picked up bits and pieces and hopes to share some of this with you.About Qigong in China

The website as you find it is just a beginning having only been started in August 2012. Over the next few months the author intends to add lots of content and may even announce a Qigong Retreat in Yangshuo, southern China at some point in the future.

Feel your Qi!